Terms of Service

It is up to you to keep yourself abreast of any changes to the terms of service to this site

Sarah's Main office for Paypal session requests is closed on Saturday and Sunday. All Paypal sessions must be scheduled 24 hours in advance unless otherwise noted by Sarah or our office specifically.

Purchased Special offers and discounts: Each client using Free minutes to obtain a session will be abe to use 15 minutes of their free mintues towards each session they schedule, if you are looking to schedule more than one session per week, otherwise you may use up to 45 free minutes for one session weekly. Every minute that your session goes over the time alotted for your session will be considered 15 extra minutes of talk time. For example: Your session was prescheduled for 15 minutes using free minutes only and you decide that you need to ask another question and you use another 1 minute to ask your question, instead of using 15 minutes of talk time, you will now have used 30 minutes of session time.

Holidays: Sarah's office is closed on all holidays, family events, family birthdays. Christmas, New Years Eve and Day, Easter, Good friday, Memorial Day, Veterans day, Halloween, Thanks giving, Valentines Day, March 24th, June 2nd, April 5th, September 25th and 2 weeks out of the year for vacation.

Sickness and Health: Sarah's office may, at times, close abruptly, without warning, for sickness or Mental health days. These are considered emergencies and will be treated as such and your session will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Refunds: there are absolutely NO refunds given. If you have purchased time for a session and the day and time you would prefer is not available, you cannot request a refund. The same holds true if you schedule a session and miss your session, there are NO refunds given as you have taken up time for which another person could have used, you may reschedule your session once after you have missed a session.